$21 QSFH Long Wig with Bangs for Black Women Human Hair,Natural Look Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$21,Women,Hair,Natural,with,Human,Bangs,Black,Long,Wig,for,QSFH,paperfangs.com,Look,/rotal5367110.html Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$21,Women,Hair,Natural,with,Human,Bangs,Black,Long,Wig,for,QSFH,paperfangs.com,Look,/rotal5367110.html QSFH Long Wig 5 ☆ very popular with Bangs for Look Women Human Black Natural Hair QSFH Long Wig 5 ☆ very popular with Bangs for Look Women Human Black Natural Hair $21 QSFH Long Wig with Bangs for Black Women Human Hair,Natural Look Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

QSFH Long Wig 5 ☆ very free popular with Bangs for Look Women Human Black Natural Hair

QSFH Long Wig with Bangs for Black Women Human Hair,Natural Look


QSFH Long Wig with Bangs for Black Women Human Hair,Natural Look

Product description

About our wigs:
1. High quality fiber.
2. You will be surprised by the quality. Wearing it can bring you more confidence and charm.
3. The wig is natural in shape and soft to the touch, which can be used for parties and daily wear.
4. This wig can help you create a perfect look for Halloween, concerts, themed parties, weddings, appointments and any other occasions.
About wig care:
1. Do not spray gel water and wax on the wig, because the wig will become greasy.
2. Do not use forks to avoid damage to the net.
3. Be gentle and patient when styling wigs, and comb the long wigs from top to bottom.
4. After use, put it back in the box or packaging.
Wig storage: The best way is to put it on a wig or a mannequin stand, or in a hair net or plastic bag. Please note that the wig should be placed in a cool and dry place.
All synthetic wigs have very little shedding and tangles, which is normal.
Regarding color: All products in this store are taken in kind, but individual differences in color perception are caused by different light and monitors.

QSFH Long Wig with Bangs for Black Women Human Hair,Natural Look

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