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Max 77% OFF 5D DIY Scenery Diamond Painting Rose Sexy Red Embroidery New York Mall

5D DIY Scenery Diamond Painting Red Rose Diamond Embroidery Sexy


5D DIY Scenery Diamond Painting Red Rose Diamond Embroidery Sexy

Product description

DIY steps:
1.Open the packing,take out to prepare some drilling equipment.
2.Use a little drill pen copper written on the pink daub,gently poke a little puddle.
3.Pour point of drill some into the tray.
4.Drill point pen written with cement,adsorption is stronger,it would be easier to drill.
5.Gently torn canvas part of the surface of the transparent membrane,the starting point.
6.According to the canvas on the left side of form the corresponding coding point drill.
7.The canvas to stick on the patterns of the drill,we have to brush the gum,press the corresponding directly to the drill.
8.After you finish your part,press gently with books on drill,let the drill body and adhesive bonding is more strong. Notice:1. Don't allow children to play with diamonds that are inedible so as to avoid accidents such as swallowing.2. The drawing needs to be kept clean, otherwise the bond strength will be affected.

5D DIY Scenery Diamond Painting Red Rose Diamond Embroidery Sexy

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