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Dropbox gives you secure access to all your files. Collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers from any device.

Store and sync

Keep all your files securely stored, up to date, and accessible from any device.


Quickly send any file—big or small—to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Stay secure

Keep your files private with multiple layers of protection from the service trusted by millions.


Manage tasks, track file updates, and stay in sync with your teams and clients.

What can Dropbox help you do?

Dropbox brings everything—traditional files, cloud content, and web shortcuts—together in one place.

Dropbox centralizes your team’s content and tools—whether you’re working across the globe or from your couches.

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With Dropbox Family, everyone in your household can safely store and share photos, videos, and important files in a single place.

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Stay on top of projects, schedules, and feedback—without wasting time tracking down all the details.

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Wrap up projects by easily and securely sending final files or large collections of files, complete with password protection, expiration dates, and delivery confirmation.

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Easily sign in to websites and apps with Dropbox Passwords. Automatic syncing to all your devices allows you to access your passwords anywhere.

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Get peace of mind knowing that when work is lost, deleted, or accidentally edited, file recovery and version history make restoring it a cinch.

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Get visibility into your team’s content, permissions, and activity—so you can stay compliant and keep your company data secure.

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Take the pain out of managing legal documents by signing and storing them in one convenient, organized place.

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For work

Work efficiently with teammates and clients, stay in sync on projects, and keep company data safe—all in one place.

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Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place. Back up files in the cloud, share photos and videos, and more.

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Enhance remote collaboration with Zoom instant meetings and video recordings.

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Easily and securely send files to clients and vendors from within Adobe Photoshop.

Easily access, edit, and share Office docs online in Dropbox.

Create, edit, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in Dropbox.

Collaborate on team projects in Trello with Dropbox content.

Upload course files or assignments straight from Dropbox to Canvas.

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