Basi,$28,Care,-,/rotal5378610.html,Bath,Bath,Portable,Toilet,GYYlucky,Bidet,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,,Hip,Folding $28 GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Toilet Bath Care - Portable Basi Beauty Personal Care Personal Care GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath 5 popular Basi Care Toilet - Portable GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath 5 popular Basi Care Toilet - Portable $28 GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Toilet Bath Care - Portable Basi Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Basi,$28,Care,-,/rotal5378610.html,Bath,Bath,Portable,Toilet,GYYlucky,Bidet,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,,Hip,Folding

GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Washington Mall 5 popular Basi Care Toilet - Portable

GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Toilet Bath Care - Portable Basi


GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Toilet Bath Care - Portable Basi

Product description


Quantity: 1pc
Material: PP + TPR
Size: 39 * 35.8cm / 15.33 * 14.07inch (L * W)
Folded - 4.5cm / 1.77inch
Unfolded - 11.7cm / 4.6inch
Net weight: 350g / 12.35oz

Package: 1 * bidet

GYYlucky Folding Bidet Hip Bath Toilet Bath Care - Portable Basi

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