$32 MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing RC Truck,Anti-Collision All- Toys Games Vehicles MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing All- specialty shop Anti-Collision Truck RC $32 MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing RC Truck,Anti-Collision All- Toys Games Vehicles Truck,Anti-Collision,MUMUMI,Toys Games , Vehicles,paperfangs.com,/topic/antibodies,Material,RC,Shock-Absorbing,$32,All-,ABS Truck,Anti-Collision,MUMUMI,Toys Games , Vehicles,paperfangs.com,/topic/antibodies,Material,RC,Shock-Absorbing,$32,All-,ABS MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing All- specialty shop Anti-Collision Truck RC

MUMUMI ABS Material Sale item Shock-Absorbing All- specialty shop Anti-Collision Truck RC

MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing RC Truck,Anti-Collision All-


MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing RC Truck,Anti-Collision All-

Product description

Product name: High-speed off-road vehicle

Product color: blue, red, gold

Product material: ABS material, electronic components

Remote control mode: 2. .4Ghz remote control

Driving speed: 20KM/H

Product size: 19*12.5* 12cm

Applicable age: 3+

Remote control battery: 2 1.5V "AA" batteries (not included)

Battery capacity: 400mAh battery pack

MUMUMI ABS Material Shock-Absorbing RC Truck,Anti-Collision All-

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