/ugapplicants/why-nottingham/whynottingham.aspx,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cloth,,Avoid,Findamy,Independence,paperfangs.com,$26,Scratch,Wrinkle,Free,Table,Day Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth Free Scratch Wrinkle Avoid Super popular specialty store $26 Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth, Wrinkle Free Avoid Scratch Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $26 Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth, Wrinkle Free Avoid Scratch Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /ugapplicants/why-nottingham/whynottingham.aspx,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cloth,,Avoid,Findamy,Independence,paperfangs.com,$26,Scratch,Wrinkle,Free,Table,Day Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth Free Scratch Wrinkle Avoid Super popular specialty store

Findamy At the price Independence Day Table Cloth Free Scratch Wrinkle Avoid Super popular specialty store

Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth, Wrinkle Free Avoid Scratch


Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth, Wrinkle Free Avoid Scratch

Product description


If you need something for a more formal event or want to impress your dinner guests, then this cotton linen tablecloth is a perfect choice.
It oozes with sophistication and elegance while being extremely practical.
Whether you're a caterer, restaurant owner or hosting a get-together at home for friends and family, our table cloths will suit you perfectly.

Made of premium cotton linen well treated fabric
Smooth, waterproof, oil-proof, spill-proof, leaking-resistant, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant. Eco-friendly.
Easy to care, wipes clean with a simple damp rag and thus reduces your maintenance efforts
Neatly done edges ensure high wear and tear resistance
Durable build that is sure to last for way longer

The impressively durable fabric promises to be a long lasting and stylish complement to your home.
Whether you are looking for a stunning piece to tie your existing interior decor together or simply in need of
an easy care focal point for an upcoming party or event, our table clothes can create your personal style.

Material: premium cotton linen
Shape: square / rectangular / oblong
Size: 60x84inch(153x214cm)

Widely Used:
Indoor for Kitchen, Dining Table, End Table, Coffee Table, Card Table, Desk
Outdoor for Picnic, Camping, Barbecue, Farm, Beach, Farmhouse
Special events: Potlucks, Buffets, Banquet, Home, Hotels, restaurants
Festival: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Party, Halloween.

Warm Tips:
- The product may be a different from the picture due to the lighting and monitor's display.
- All dimension are measured manually with deviation at 1-4 mm.
- Tumble dry on low. Iron at low settings if required. Don't use bleach

Findamy Independence Day Table Cloth, Wrinkle Free Avoid Scratch

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