Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pat,Fluffy,-,WarmCozy,Flannel,/visit/garden,paperfangs.com,$35,Fuzzy,Marble,Throws,Plush,Blanket Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pat,Fluffy,-,WarmCozy,Flannel,/visit/garden,paperfangs.com,$35,Fuzzy,Marble,Throws,Plush,Blanket $35 Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Fluffy Plush Throws Marble Pat Home Kitchen Bedding $35 Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Fluffy Plush Throws Marble Pat Home Kitchen Bedding Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Throws Pat Indefinitely Fluffy Marble Plush Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Throws Pat Indefinitely Fluffy Marble Plush

Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Throws Pat Indefinitely Fluffy Marble New life Plush

Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Fluffy Plush Throws Marble Pat


Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Fluffy Plush Throws Marble Pat

Product description

Size:59x79 inch

Perfect Home Decor:

Get coziness and warmth with this soft and fuzzy plush fur blanket,perfect for snuggling up on the couch, bed, chilled movie theater, park or perfect personal gift for any occasion.

Being able to take beautiful pictures on your social software as a photography prop,your pets will like the soft feeling of flannel blanket as well.

About Us:

Using customers first as our source of inspiration, we continuously created innovative household products with passion.

Utilizing advanced soft materials, experienced workmen, we offer chic and comfy items of high quality to decorate your home.

Easy Care:

Machine washable, gentle cycle with cold water separately. Tumble dry low.

Do not bleach. Do not iron. Saves you a lot of time and energy, provide a more convenient and easier life to you.

Friendly Reminders:

Due to manual measurement, please allow 0.4-0.8 inch error.

Due to factors such as light,the picture color will be little different from the actual object.

Flannel Blanket - WarmCozy Fuzzy Fluffy Plush Throws Marble Pat

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