Leg,Leg,paperfangs.com,Brace,,Knee,Knee,Brace,Joint,Menisc,/workplace/influence-and-participation-toolkit/,$31,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Adjustable,Protector Adjustable Knee Brace Leg Menisc Joint Max 87% OFF Protector Leg,Leg,paperfangs.com,Brace,,Knee,Knee,Brace,Joint,Menisc,/workplace/influence-and-participation-toolkit/,$31,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Adjustable,Protector Adjustable Knee Brace Leg Menisc Joint Max 87% OFF Protector $31 Adjustable Knee Brace, Leg Brace Leg Protector Knee Joint Menisc Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $31 Adjustable Knee Brace, Leg Brace Leg Protector Knee Joint Menisc Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

Adjustable Knee Brace Leg Menisc Joint Max 87% OFF Protector Over item handling

Adjustable Knee Brace, Leg Brace Leg Protector Knee Joint Menisc


Adjustable Knee Brace, Leg Brace Leg Protector Knee Joint Menisc

Product description

Color:L, Left leg


1. Multiple fixation, effective support, adjustable strap length, suitable for people with different leg circumferences.
2. The breathable inner lining adds anti‑skid strip, and the anti‑skid strips and multiple straps can be fixed effectively without slipping.
3. Angle adjustment chuck design, adjustable 0-120 degrees, simple and convenient, can be fixed and movable.
4. Enlarged lining design, larger contact area with skin, supporting force and no jamming.
5. Adjustable C‑shaped support is added to the thigh and calf to increase the support force.


Condition:100% Brand New
Item Type:

Adjustable Knee Brace, Leg Brace Leg Protector Knee Joint Menisc

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