Hiatus and upcoming convention appearance!

With this chapter coming to an end, Asis will be taking a small break to get the next chapter in order. Only a few Fridays will be taken off from normal posting, and comic pages will return in early July.

Also in exciting new, I’ll be making an appearance as an exhibitor at the upcoming MICE in Boston Massachusetts this year!

I’m absolutely thrilled to get to show off my comic works there, both online and printed. Stop by and say hello, I’ll have some special stickers to give away to readers who drop in.

New Paperfangs.com is live!

It’s been a long time coming, and took a heck of a lot more brain power that it should have today, but the new site core is up. This includes more flexible comic pages, less archaic HTML I wrote in college.

Cheers. Updates about current comic work will be posted here from here on out.