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The humble return

If you’re checking in, you might notice a few things. First, the site underwent a major update. After much manual updating of pages, the site should be much more accessible to everyone, including those viewing on mobile, and generally function a little cleaner over all. Secondly, and more important, a new page has gone up. More will come on Fridays from here. Will things stay weekly? Somewhat, I’m still slowly getting back into the comic groove, so I’ll post as I can from here. Also along with that the Wiki is now back online. It’s been a long crazy ride getting back to work here, what started as a small break to pick myself back up from post Covid lockdown, to me moving out of the US to the Netherlands, which ate more of my time and energy along that path then I planned for.

Thank you, while I get back on my feet

With this page posted and one queued for next week, it’s been hard to have to finally make this post. Asis will be going down into an unknown hiatus period, while I tried to push this off as long as possible, it’s hit the point that my normal backlog of pages that allow me to post weekly has finally been completely exhausted, and I’m struggling to fit in time to keep up with weekly work.The last two years with the pandemic has been rough on me to say the least, and in particular my speed in which I can create this comic, two reasons really compounded this moment. Getting to travel, visit friends and share creative energy, has all but stopped. Being stuck at home kicked down a large part of what kept me pushing to get each step of the comic done in my free time between work. And the much larger issue, two years without the convention events that make up a large portion of my income, and granted me the ability to take a month off here and there to JUST focus on my comic work, stopped during this time, leaving me to burn out pretty badly keeping up with extra work and fighting a dwindling hoard of pages. The up side, starting early next year, I’ll be (cautiously) attending the first few conventions, and in my hopes finally get my footing again and can return. In the mean time, I am still crunching along, albeit much slower than normal. What I need to do before I comfortably; start posting again, thumbnail and pencil 50 pages, flat color 25 of them, and cleanup 10. Once this happens I can keep the different steps all running smoothly. This will effect the Patreon postings as well, but I’ll be sharing some work on and off over there during this time so you can keep tabs on where I stand in that timeline of work. I can’t thank everyone you reads and supports this comic, I’m committed to bringing the story to it’s complete close because of folks like you. ~Skulldog