About the comic:

This comic is rated PG13, for depictions of violence and adult language and themes.

Updates happen on the 1st of each month, running until the 4th-6th depending on support give on Patreon for that month.

Asis is a webcomic set in a fantasy world ravaged by the lingering effects of a god killed by the very race he created. Presented with even a glimmer of hope to restore the world, and raise Asis once again, some will fight to bring back this fallen god, others will do anything to prevent his return.

Some extra information:

Summery of chapters thus far:

Prologue: Our Inner Demons – Arren, discontent with the current workings of the world, stirs a plan to bring down a god. Rike and Sorit, while childhood friends are polarized in the views on this discordant mission.

Prologue: Blood and Fuel – Reunited after the fall of Asis, and their home town Canth Kir, Sorit and Rike try to patch up old friendships, and further private agendas.

The Skull’s Guardian – Skai and Langley are tasked with finding a lost boy. Skai lets her adventurous side get  the better of her, and they stumble on far more than planned out in the wilds.

Clash of Outcasts – Sorit is introduced to his new home and tries to accept a new way of life. Arren’s plans move forward in ways he didn’t predict when he comes up against the White Prince of the Halzin Nations.



The creator is a dead dog that draws.