This is a quick run down the characters seen thus far in the comic, and will avoid any potential spoilers.  For a more in depth guide to the world, characters and terminology, the in progress Asis Wiki can be found here.

Major Players:


The peaceful and soft-spoken young man currently wandering to find his place in a world shattered around him. Sorit is always willing to trust the goodness in others to a fault,  and will do anything to help out friends and strangers alike. Mostly seen in his hulking bestial form.

Sans Title / Rike:

Swept up in Arren’s ideological crusade, Rike fancies himself part of something far more important than himself, and looks down on those that disagree with their views. The only exception to that, his childhood friend Sorit, whom he goes out of his way to distance from their pathway.


Discontent with the world’s workings, Arren is the cold and calculating leader of a social rebellion that grew up from Canth Kir and spread outward under his control. Has his sight set on elevating him and his species above that of humanity for their years of perceived servitude.


A jack of all trades who claims pride in having found the resting place of the god Asis. She’s well traveled and can handle her own in the deserts against the threats that lay within. Dislikes children.


Skai’s traveling companion, and odd generic throw back referred to as a Dragon. Dislikes children, and everyone but Skai.


Gruff and overbearing owner of a small Asini camp, frequented by the likes of Sorit and other travelers. Doesn’t take kindly to human intruders, and keeps an equally tight reign on her followers.


A boy who claims to speak to the dead god Asis, and a would be adventurer, if he had any skills. Looks up to Skai.

Illusion King:

Eccentric and child like, the Little King is a mysterious icon with a large following and access to many resources. Close friends and collaborator with Thornhide and her desert town. Enjoys apples.



Minor Cast:


The  sarcastic Wepi owner of a work for hire firm frequented by Skai and  Langley.

Naki – Fennar – Skaggs:

Underlings to Arren and his group. Each with their own reasons for joining, and sticking around.