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civaza Battery All stores are sold Operated Wall Sconces Sconce Indefinitely Wireles 2 Light

civaza Battery Operated Wall Sconces,2 Light Wall Sconce,Wireles


civaza Battery Operated Wall Sconces,2 Light Wall Sconce,Wireles

Product description


1. Led remote control battery operated indoor no cord wall sconces light fixture for room lighting wall decor bedroom- Easy Installation, Dimmable control
2. You can use the remote control to set the brightness to 50% (10H continuous work) , 75% (8H continuous work), 100% ( 6H continuous work).
3. 240 degree adjustable lamp head, you can be free to get the lighting effect you want.

Lampshade size: Height: 18cm/7", Diameter: 22cm/8.66"
Lampshade material: iron
Lampshade color: Black+gold
lightbulb type: E27 rechargeable bulb (including bulb and charger)
lightbulb certification: CE
lightbulb voltage: 85-265V 50 / 60hz
lightbulb power: 7W
lightbulb battery: Lithium battery
lightbulb lumen: 400lm
Average lightbulb life: 30000H
lightbulb color temperature: 3000K warm white light

Package Included:
2×wall sconces
2×led light bulbs(You can choose 3 bulbs as backup light bulbs and no need to wait for charging time.)
2×remote controls

1. The LED bulb only uses the built-in lithium battery, please do not replace the inappropriate battery, which will cause damage to the LED lamp.
2. When using the charger to charge, please make sure that the charger switch is turned off. Do not touch the lightbulb switch while charging. Please charge it out of the reach of children to prevent electric shock.
3.The led light bulbs are not waterproof. It is recommended to use them indoors. Please pay attention to waterproofing when used outdoors or in damp places.
4.Please allow an error of 1-2cm and a little color difference!

civaza Battery Operated Wall Sconces,2 Light Wall Sconce,Wireles

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