Now the huge update, other than that stylish new banner I just added to reflect this update. Asis is going to be shifting to weekly Friday page updates starting April 1st*.

Why do this? Well originally I was running two webcomics side by side, and having Asis post at the start of the month gave me more time to get weekly pages done on BRINK. Now that BRINK has run it’s story, and I’m getting the time and funds to create more, it’s time to shift Asis to a more consistent updating system.

Why this is awesome? First it equals out to more page posted faster over the course of a year. I’m not restricted by how well a 6-7 block of pages feels each month, pacing can play out a bit more natural and allow for more updates down the line.

I’ve updated the comic’s Patreon to reflect this change, plus goals for adding extra pages over the first weekend of each month as well.

Patreon backers will still get access two early pages from the upcoming month’s update.

*This is not a joke either, the timing for the 1st falling on a Friday just worked out well for shifting this month.