– FAQ (Hey stupid) –

Actual questions I have been asked, now with answers!

Q: Any plans for a printed copy of BRINK?
A: Really..no. In fact part of me wants to avoid it completely. I’m only here, doing this to tell my story, not cash in on running a webcomic. Plus I hate doing acrobat files for Lulu.

Q: So who’s your favorite character?
A: Since I’ve used him as my namesake and online mascot since I started a webpage back in 1998, I’m going with Zero.

Q: So how long is this comic going to run?
A: That’s a hard one, for awhile at least. I’ve set an ending in stone, so now I just need to figure out how much room I have to narrate until then.

Q: What breed of dog is Zero?
A: Zero is based off the Bull Terrier, though is more of a mutt by the actual breed standards.

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– The history of BRINK –

I started this comic about six years ago, during the transition from High school into the first year of College. I was majoring in Sequential Art, and felt a need to push myself to do a more serious story with the skills I had.

The first twenty pages are still existence (But offline currently), though some are a lot rougher than others. The plot was pretty bare and the characters still a bit flat at this point. Originally it was hosted by URD Collaborative Manga site, which has since died.

I lost interest in drawing BRINK after completing the first chapter, but the story idea and characters lingered on as something I wanted to rewrite in the future when I felt more comfortable with my skill level.

The reworked version of BRINK you see now started in July of 2006, over a weekend that I had too much free time. And here we are now.