Devin Rawchyld

Devin is the kind of person that just, gave up. No motivation, no drive, no life. He never dreamed to be an astronaut or firefighter, he just is. And just existing doesn’t get one far in life. Lacking the finer social skills to hold a job for long, Devin turned to human research for his money. Devin is indifferent and uncaring in his emotions toward most of life and the people around him. He only acts out aggressively if pushed into an argument, usually regarding himself. Devin’s sense of humor is consists of the occasional snarky comment, and tends to not find much funny when it’s directed at him.

First appearance : Page 1

Fiona ‘Five’ Crits

Another member of the BRINK program, with a much closer relationship to the staff, and the programs’ inner workings. Five took on Devin as her close personal friend, partially due to his involvement with the group, much to his disapproval. While she acts as a source of danger and bad influence in Devin’s life, she also brings him spontaneity and excitement to his withdrawn existence. Five is a self proclaimed immortal, having died five times already, and thus the reason for her reckless activities. She only wavers from this belief when it comes to an old friend, Janus.

First appearance : Page 12


Devin’s former pet. Zero seems to be more on the ball than Devin could ever dream of, despite being an extension of his own mind. No one but Devin can see this manifestation, yet he doesn’t seem to question the dog’s existence.

First appearance : Page 29

Felix Deckard

One of two lower ranked members working with the BRINK program, mainly in charge of paper work and running field test. Five is usually at odds with Felix, doing what she can to push his buttons. Which isn’t hard, anything that gets in the way of his carefully organized work tends to make him mad.

First appearance : Page 62

Tobi Dewitt

The second of the lower ranked members working the BRINK program, in charge of paperwork and running field tests. She tends to stay in the background, not getting herself directly involved with much, but runs the same job title as Felix. She’s upbeat, except when it comes to the break room’s coffee maker.

First appearance : Page 63

Morgan Stalle

The guy in charge of the show, he heads the BRINK program. Despite his high rank, Morgan is a level headed and approachable man. Morgan works tirelessly to keep balance and fairness with his work, and those around him, even when it costs him his own personal comfort. He doesn’t like Mondays.

First appearance : Page 94

Dimitri White

Bitter, aloof and cynical, Dimitri doesn’t deal well with orders, or humor from his fellow workers. When he’s not the one running the show, he comes even more sharp with his actions, even going out of his way to one up his equals.

First appearance : Page 94

Janus Westin

A fellow patient at Haverhill Mental Health Center along with Five. In the past Janus and Five had a tentative friendship, sharing the same reckless abandon for their own safety, Janus’ violent tendencies the only thing standing in the way of anything closer between them. Janus doesn’t take well to anyone that that finds not up to his standards of seriousness, acting on aggressive impulses toward anything around him he can’t control.

First appearance : Page 167


BRINK’s newest member, a young, quiet and very tormented child. Serra rarely speaks, and seems frightened of most everything. She seems oddly aware of the negative forces that control her, but lacks the courage to face them.

First appearance : Page 178

‘The Flincher’

A primal, vicious shadow creature belong to (or owning) Serra, only she can Zero can see him, and neither seems very excited about that fact. The Flincher is the self proclaimed owner of the BRINK program’s office space, taking out swift justice to those who it deems intruders.

First appearance : Page 216